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“I’ve always wanted to experience life in the U.S. and I love working with kids. Being an au pair in America is a great way to do both!” Tatiane, 19 Brazil


Posted on 13 Dec 2017 by au-pair

Carrie | My First Christmas Away From Home!

Last time we heard from Carrie, she told us about her trip to the Bahamas. It's clearly about time for another, more season-appropriate update, don't you think? This time, Carrie shares her feelings on what it's like to celebrate Christmas with your family in the USA, compared to spending the festive season with your loved ones back home.

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Posted on 8 Dec 2017 by au-pair

Vanessa | It's The Little Things

Introducing Au Pair in America blogger Vanessa! Four months ago Vanessa packed her bags, said goodbye to her family in Germany and jumped on a plane to start her new adventure... being an au pair in Washington D.C. In her first post she's telling us all about life in D.C. and why her experience so far has been so special!

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Posted on 5 Dec 2017 by au-pair

Jessika | What Are You Thankful For?

Three months into her year in the USA, Jessika is experiencing one of the most magical seasons of the year... Holiday Season! Find out what her new FAVE holiday is and what her au pair experience has made her grateful for...

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