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Do you miss your life as an au pair in America? Do you wake up wishing you were back in the USA living the American dream?

If you have already taken part in a US au pair program then you can return for a second au pair in America experience! In order to apply again, you must have already successfully completed 12 + months on a US au pair program and you must have lived outside of the USA for at least 2 years.  You can either return to your previous host family if they are still on our program or you can select a new family in a whole new location.  As a return applicant, you can select any of our program options if you meet the program requirements.

Just imagine, you could be seeing the bright lights of New York City or the sandy white beaches of Miami again!  Always wanted to stroll through Central Park, go camping in the Grand Canyoun or see the Niagara Falls?  This is your opportunity to do all of that and more!  You now know all the places that you did not get the chance to visit the first time round, so now is your chance to tick off all those items on your US bucket list.  What are you waiting for.  Be an au pair in America - again!

“I never got to visit the West Coast. I now live with my host family in San Francisco which is a dream come true.” Laura - Australia

Melanie Guerra

Location: Novato, CA
No of children: 3
Age: 26

Meet Melanie...

This is Melanie's second time as an au pair.  Read all about her experience with her new host family.

What made you decided to Return as au pair in America?

I decided to be an Au Pair in America for a second time because children are my passion and it’s a good way to do what I love, while I can take advantage of the educational possibilities that the program and the country offers. Being an au pair changed my life.  It opened my mind, and helped me understand the world around me. It also helped me to grow emotionally, and it still challenges me every day.

Did you return to the same family or a new family?

I returned to a new family and they're an absolute perfect match.

How would you describe the au pair experience the second time around?

Being an Au Pair for the second time is way easier. There are many things I already knew, and that gave me a lot of confidence in every aspect of my life back in the States. It actually helped me focus on different things like school, volunteering, and even doing a variety of cultural activities with the kids. And of course all the things I learned before brought a more mature Melanie back to the States. The communication with my family is better, my performance with the kids, my grades at school, and my input in the community have improved a lot.

Tell us a little bit about your host family.

I’m the au pair of a hard working and full time single dad of three wonderful kids. I admire my host dad because he works a lot and he dedicates his energies to make his kids happy. As the au pair, I feel appreciated and that I’m being trusted. The kids are incredible. I am their best friend and they tell me everything! We love to do “projects” (baking, sewing, arts and crafts). They enjoy my silliness, but they also respect me.

Describe a typical day with your host family.

I get up early to make lunches and to catch up with my host dad.  I then wake the kids, which is a good time to cuddle before getting up and ready for the day. We have breakfast and get ready to go to school. When the kids are at school I go to college and/or to my volunteer activities. Then it’s time to pick up the kids, we get in the car and chat about the day.  Sometimes we stop for ice cream, or cookies, or any special treat. If there are no after school activities we go home and we do homework together.  I prepare dinner  which we all have together and I hear more stories!  Then it's bath time, movie time and bed time… until the next day.

What do you enjoy the most of being an au pair in America?

What I enjoy the most right now is being an important part of the kid’s lives.   I love loving them and being so loved by them. I enjoy activities like carving pumpkins, or making gingerbread houses, or baking cakes, and especially the support that my host dad gives me with our crazy ideas. I feel like I’m making a long lasting impact in their life and that is just an amazing feeling!

Amélie Roubelat

Location: Bronxville, NY
No of children: 3
Age: 26

Introducing...Amélie, a return au pair in New York

Amélie has returned to her previous host family for a second time.  Find out why.

What made you decided to Return as au pair in America?

I loved my life as an Au Pair the first time I came in the USA. I missed my host family and my American friends that I made during my first time and I still had a lot of things to discover in the country. So when my ex-host family told me they wanted me back, I was thrilled to do the program again

How would you describe the au pair experience the second time round?

It's like I never left! Two years passed by between the time I left the USA and my return, and it is exactly like I never left. It is truly a wonderful experience and I am lucky to be able to do it again.

Tell us a little bit about your host family.

My host family is my second family. I really feel like a member of the family and it is always a pleasure to spend time with them, even during my free time. My host kids are the best. I've known them for 4 years now and I've seen them grow up, even during the two years I was away, as I visited them. I have 2 boys (6 and 10) and a girl (9). They are loving, caring, funny, smart and we always laugh a lot. My host parents are great too. I love chatting with my host mom and they have great advice when I need some. They are also very caring and always include me in the family conversations. I love them.

Describe a typical day with your host family.

A typical day with my host family usually starts with the afternoon pick up as my host mom doesn't need me in the morning. So I pick up my 3 kids and their friends if they have a play date,  and we go home. I usually help the youngest one with his homework, but the oldest ones do it by themselves. They have a busy schedule with lots of activities, so I drive them back and forth to their activities.  Then we go home and it's usually dinner time. When my host mom is home, she cooks while I get the kids ready (shower, PJs, homework if not done) and we all have dinner together. I'm usually done after dinner once the kids are ready for bed.

What do you enjoy the most of being an au pair in America?

Spending time with my host kids.  We are really close and I love taking care of them. My first time as an au pair actually helped me to discover what I wanted to do with my life  - to be a nanny! But I have to say that one of the greatest advantage of being an au pair is to travel as much as we want, dependent on the schedule and savings

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