A perfect choice if you want to take your studies more seriously

As an eduCare companion you will take care of school aged children, which means that the childcare that you will provide will usually only be before and after school.  This is great as it allows you the opportunity to focus more on your studies!

eduCare companions provide 30 hours of childcare per week in return for a minimum of US$146.81 weekly stipend plus room and board.  Your host family will provide an annual study contribution of up to US$1000 and you will need to study at least 6 hours per week during term time. To meet the educational requirement, you may need to supplement the education allowance with your own money, so plan carefully. 

The course you select will depend on the educational opportunities in your community and your work schedule.  For information about education in the USA, click here and follow the links to your state. Living with an American host family as an eduCare companion not only introduces you to American culture and lifestyle, you will get to know so many other cultures through the friends you make during your stay.  You will be one of over 4000 au pairs from more than 60 countries who travel to America each year with Au Pair in America.  A real cultural exchange experience!


You can apply if you

  • Are aged between 18 – 26 years
  • Love children and have at least 200 hours of non-family practical childcare experience gained within the last 3 years
  • Hold a full driving license and consider yourself a confident driver
  • Are a secondary school graduate or equivalent
  • Have a good standard of spoken English
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have no spouse or dependents
  • Want to spend a year living with an American family

“Attending a U.S. College is a dream come true! I go to all the big sports events and have made some great American friends.” Marie - Germany

Julia Niboucha

Location: Boston, MA
No of children: 2
Age: 22

A day in the life of an eduCare Companion

Find out all about Julia's experience as an eduCare companion living in Boston.

Why did you apply for the eduCare program?

I really wanted to be an eduCare in order to spend more time at school and meet new people.  It also gives me more time to go out and explore the city!

Describe a typical day with your host family.

Since eduCare au pairs do less hours of childcare, my day starts at 2:30pm when I pick the kids up from school and take them to their different after school activities. Once we're home, I help them with their homework. Dinner time is family time and we have most of meals together. In the morning during my free time I go to the gym, have breakfast with my host parents and then I go to school.

Tell us a little bit about the  course you are studying?

I am studying English Vocabulary and Grammar. It's really helpful for everyday life! This is the place you can ask all the questions you want about the language! I have also met a lot of students from all around the world!

What do you enjoy the most about being an eduCare companion?

Having lots of free time!

What do you do during your free time?

If I'm not at school, then I meet up with friends to visit the city or plan a weekend away somewhere different and new.

What do you enjoy doing the most with your host family?

I  love spending time speaking with them about their culture or the countries they have visited. I also really enjoy when they take me to new places or restaurants!

What advice would you give future au pairs who are considering applying to be an eduCare companion?

Being an eduCare companion is a very great experience! You will have a lot of free time, so make sure you make the most of it! 

Nicole Decanini

Location: Trumbull, CT
No of children: 3
Age: 20

Meet Nicole, an eduCare companion

Nicole says that she loves spending time with her host family.  Find out more about Nicole and her awesome time in the USA.

Why did you apply for the eduCare program?

I wanted to experience life in America, travelling and discovering new places and new cultures, and to study at a real American University, experiencing and learning how they work.

Describe a typical day with your host family.

I wake the boys up in the morning, we do breakfast, make sure they get dressed and that they do their reading before the bus comes. After lunch I pick them up from school and have a healthy snack before I help them with homework and school projects.  When my host parents get back from work, we all have supper together and relax with the TV, or board games before bed time!

What course you are studying?

I applied to the Fairfield University and selected a Management Course.  I had to return home for a few week, which interrupted my studies.  I have therefore started an online course but will be returning to Fairfield University next term.  I’m so excited!

What do you enjoy the most about being an eduCare companion?

Being an eduCare gives me the opportunity to do everything I want to do.  I live with my host family, enjoying fun times with them, but I also study as much as I want. It also gives me the opportunity to  do sightseeing and visit cities close to my home.  American life + Study + Travel.  What more can I ask for!

What do you do during your free time?

When I don't have classes, then I meet with other au pairs who live close by.  We go ice skating or go for lunch at typical American diners with their delicious milkshakes or we would just go to someone's house.  When the weather is good I go for walks, or I would go to the gym.  I love reading and exploring the towns close by.  On weekends I go to New York, Washington or Philadelphia with my au pair friends.  It's all so much fun!

What do you enjoy doing the most with your host family?

I love spending time with my host family!  I love baking cookies with them, going to restaurants or just chilling on the couch watching movies and playing board games!

What advice would you give future au pairs who are considering applying to be an eduCare companion?

If you are thinking about the eduCare program, don’t hesitate! Apply for it and live your dream in this beautiful country! My tip for you is: Go for it!  Don't Hesitate!  You will have the most amazing time of your life!

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